GeoDiscover Land Subdivison Survey
Land Subdivision Survey
Project of services to be rendered for the re-survey and subdivision of a parcel of land. This involves the parcel, comprising of approximately 6 Acres and situated in the Ward of Manzanilla.
January 2018
Ryan Rique
Athena Lakhiram
Nicholas Khan
Shazam Ali
Marvin Lewis
Amresh Singh
Nickiel Ramharack
Mehindra Maharaj
Akshay Singh
Victor Joseph
A subdivision process allows for parcels of land to be divided from a larger area. Its purpose is for the splitting a large tract of land into smaller ones making it easier for processing and development. These can be then be developed independently of one another to increase progress and thus maximizing the use of the space.

The process of subdividing land involves initially, the establishment of the previous boundaries of the parcel, determining the current area and then finally calculating and subdividing the parcel into the desired amount of smaller parcel areas. The minimum acceptable size of a parcel of land, as determined by the Town & Country Planning Division, is 1 lot (5000 sq. ft. or 464.5 m2) with a minimum frontage of 50 ft. or 15.24 m. Provisions must also be made for road access and a drain reserve, if none currently exist.

Registration of cadastral plans from the Surveys & Mapping Division of the Ministry of Land & Marine Resources is a means to make certain that in the future a property's boundaries can be recreated and as such remove the ambiguity of parcel location. This gives confidence to persons with interest in land, that the parcel has a definitive location, area, extents and that this information can be retrieved from public records once the need arises.
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