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Engineering Land Surveying - GeoDiscover
Engineering Surveys
Branch of Surveys that are primarily used to serve the construction industry and projects. Used to provide geospatial information for construction project’s planning and designs.
Land Subdivision Surveying - GeoDiscover
Land Subdivision Surveys
These are surveys that compromises the act of dividing land into smaller subsets that are for sale, gifts or otherwise development.
Building Engineering Designs - GeoDiscover
Building Engineering Designs
A subset of technical drawing that is used to fully and clearly define the necessary requirements for engineered structures. This allows preservation of design coupled with structural integrity.
Topographic Land Surveying - GeoDiscover
Topographic Surveys
Branch of surveying made to determine the shape, configuration, relief and/or the three dimensional characteristics of the surface of the earth and locations of natural and cultural features on it.
Building Architecture Designs - GeoDiscover
Building Architectural Designs
Technical drawing used to develop a design idea into coherent proposals, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince clients of the merit of a design and to enable a building contractor to construct the desired idea
Cadastral Land Surveying - GeoDiscover
Cadastral Surveys
These are surveys which are concerned with the land survey and demarcation of land for the prime purpose of demarking parcels of land for registrations in a land registry 
Valuation Surveying Reports - GeoDiscover
Valuation Survey and Reports
Valuation is one branch of the surveying discipline in which ‘value’ is measured as it relates to property. Valuation Surveyors analyze the property market in order to determine what variables affect the price a property would sell or rent for on the open market.
GIS Consultancy - GeoDiscover
GIS Consultancy Projects
GIS utilizes Geospatial Data as a solution focused on spatial data entry, data analysis and portrayal. We provide the expertise and support for this solution that ensures your team can be quickly introduced to the data and realize more informed decision making in development planning.
3D Rendering Photos Videos - GeoDiscover
3D Rendered Photos and Videos
3D Rendering uses data to depict scenes including geometric models of different objects, buildings, landscapes, and animated characters. The 3D rendering process depicts this three-dimensional scene as a picture, taken from a specified location and perspective.
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