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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it going to cost me based on the service I am interested in?

Every job is different in complexity and needs. As such, we prepare our quotes directly related to the length of time needed for us to complete your project. For us to get a value out to you, we would need to conduct a site visit.

How do I set up a site visit and get a quote for my project?

Getting on to us is as easy as possible. We have some options that can allow you to reach out to us:

- Messaging us through our Contact Page
- Messaging via our social media Facebook and Instagram
- Calling us via our Telephone Number 1-868-753-4436

Any of the options will put you on to us. Once you reach out, one of our guys will definitely walk you along the process to get that quote out to you as quickly as possible.

What's the cost of your quotes?

For our Trinidad Customers, our site visits and quotes are FREE.

For our Tobago Customers, our site visits and quotes is simply the cost of a return fare via our Air Bridge.

How long would it take to get my quote after the site visit?

Just 1 Week after the site visit, our quote or proposal will be delivered via email or in hand.

When i receive the quote, do i have to pay all at once?


We have strategically constructed our quotes to paid at different phases of the project. These land development projects are usually costly and timely. With this way, you would not feel the financial burden all up front.

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