GeoDiscover Building Architectural Design
Building Architectural Designs
Project of Design Services and preparation of Architectural, and Emergency Services Drawings for statutory approvals for a Two Storey Residential Building approximately 321m² gross floor area
March 2018
Marvin Lewis
Donna Michelle Mc Donald Forgenie
Justin Mc Kenzie
Amresh Singh
Good designs are about more than just a building architecture. Good designs are about understanding the people who use the building, the type of environment they want to create, whilst adding style and value to the property. With a good design, the stakeholders will have the peace of mind that their structure is comfortable as well as functional to their everyday lifestyle.

We proposed to deliver an aesthetically appealing building design, in adherence to the statutory authority’s criterion. This is accomplished while exercising due consideration for the surrounding neighborhood theme and by extension the environment. Our company possessed the combined experience of twenty years in the building design discipline and had the capacity to satisfy the Clients Brief.
GeoDiscover Building Plan 3D Drawing 1GeoDiscover Building Plan 3D Drawing 2GeoDiscover Building Plan 3D Drawing 3GeoDiscover Building Plan 3D Drawing 4GeoDiscover Building Plan 3D Drawing 5
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